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Defoamers Series

Antifoaming Agent for Paint

DDT-304 is a high temperature antifoaming agent with high efficiency and no toxicity. Major component is dimethyl silicon oil and modified silicon-ether. It is made by special process technology. Technique starting point of antifoaming agent is in high level; meanwhile, it is of the latest generation in China. The antifoaming agent may be widely used in water coating, emulsion paint, water paint and epoxy terrace industry to defoam and inhibit foam.

Product Characteristics:
1. High efficiency of defoaming and foam inhibiting play an important role in water base foaming system in most paint industry.
2. Non- toxicity, no side-effect on human body and microbe.
3. Little consumption and low cost, and good effect of defoaming and foam inhibiting.

Property Index of Product:

Index Name


PH  Value

(3000r/m, 2 0 min)

Nonvolatile matter, %


Cream color liquid

6 ~ 8

No layers

30 ~ 45

Methods of Application: Direct application with enduring effect of antifoaming. Usually 0.1 ~ 0.3% dosage will achieve ideal effect.

Product Package: 25KG, 50KG plastic barrel or tailored according to clients’ requirement.

Storage and Transportation: the product is non-toxicity and hard to ignite and explode so storage and transportation of the product is similar to common chemical product. Be stored in gloomy, cold and dry condition to avoid long time insolation. Expiration period is 6 months under normal temperature. In winter, it will be frost during transportation in the North, after defrosting naturally, there will be no influence on antifoaming effect.

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