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Refining oil, additives

Instruction of JFY-1 High Efficiency Heavy Oil Combustion Catalyst

I. Introduction
“Synthesis Process Research of JFY High Efficiency Fuel Catalyst” is the key brainstorm project of Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC for the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”. First, according to the theory of catalysis and pyrolysis of petroleum under high temperature condition, the product may catalyze long chain saturated fatty hydrocarbon, cycloalkane and condensed nuclei aromatics efficiently and fast to change “heavy” oil into “light” oil. Fuel burns in accordance with the theoretical GOR to achieve or be close to the combustion effect of light oil, so the temperature of central flame may increase obviously. Second, based on the theory of micro-demolition, atomizes the molecule of heavy oil and other large molecule secondarily, enlarges specific surface area on the basis of geometric progression, increases contact area between fuel and air, fully overcomes the shortages of first amortization, significantly advances the combustion rate and fast increases furnace temperature, therefore, it prevents and removes agglomerating effectively, reduces smoke and dust and the emission of SOx, which is of momentous current significance in energy conservation and consumption, cost cutting and environment protection.

II. Range of Application
The product is widely suitable for various combustion furnace and internal combustion engine that uses heavy oil, black oil, crude oil, viscous oil and diesel as fuel. It was successfully applied to steelmaking and steel rolling furnace, chemical fertilizer plant and steam furnace in power plant and thermal injection furnace and indirect fired heater of thermal recovery. It has been already popularized and applied in the shipping vessels of Yangtze River, meanwhile it can also be applied to the engines uses heavy oil as fuel in both passenger and cargo transportation in the ocean as well as the internal combustion engine uses diesel or heavy diesel as fuel.

III. Methods of Application
The ratio of catalyst to fuel is 1:1000 ~ 1:3000. No man-made or mechanical agitation when mixing. No variation for oil servicing nozzle and original combustion process. During oil transportation, proportionally add catalyst into oil material, with the help of self-impulsive force of oil while adding and the good dissolubility, diffusivity and stability of catalyst itself, to achieve uniform mixing.

IV. Comprehensive Benefit
1. Based on the current working state of different combustion furnace, the fuel-economizing ratio is usually 3 ~ 15%;
2. Increase and stabilize furnace temperature, enhance the rate of temperature increase, advance reaction rate and improve production and quality.
3. Easy to adjust and control furnace temperature, therefore, reduce labor intensity.
4. Reduce emission of smoke and harmful gas, favorable for health and environment.

V. Specifications of Product


Reddish-brown oil-like liquid with homogeneous phase

Flashing Point (Open)


Density (20℃)


Condensation Point


Mechanical Impurities


Fuel-economizing Ratio(M/M)

≥3%( additives: for fuel oil, 1:3000)

VI. Package Specification: 5 Kg plastic barrel and 200 Kg standard galvanized barrel.

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