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Laboratory polyacrylamide manufacturer of measuring

    Laboratory PAM PAM manufacturers on the degree of hydrolysis was measured, this fact can be mastered general knowledge measured. Polyacrylamide and the balance water-compatible, the number of molecules of the hydrolyzed PAM dissolved in solution than the total number of molecules is called the degree of hydrolysis of PAM PAM's. Overcast, non-cationic polyacrylamide hydrolysis reaction has undergone two stages. The first stage, the curve is steep, fast response; to a certain extent, the second stage, the curve slows, the reaction rate decreased, the degree of hydrolysis by the time for slow changes only. The intersection of the two phases as a turning point. Hydrolysis under certain conditions, the degree of hydrolysis and the hydrolysis time has a one to one relationship.
In alkaline aqueous solution of polyacrylamide, polyacrylic acid, easily hydrolyzed into a partial hydrolyzate containing a carboxylic acid group. Determination of amide hydrolysis degree polypropylene micro-spectroscopy using standard test found that the rate of hydrolysis of the amide group from the beginning of the reaction to the conversion of 50% of the segments of the fast, and then due to the base effect and a marked slowdown in the Pro. The reaction rate and conversion rate of hydrolysis with alkaline strength, generally is NaOH> Na2CO3> NaHCO3. Under conditions of an excess of sodium carbonate as an aqueous polyacrylamide solution is heated, hydrolysis can 30% mole fraction of the polymer, and the excess of NaOH can then rate of hydrolysis of polyacrylamide 70% mole fraction. However, a higher degree of hydrolysis Ruoyu polymer system can only take the copolymerization process.
PAM PAM technical standards are as follows:
Solid content ≥ 90%;
Relative molecular mass of 000,000 - 15,000,000;
Dissolution time ≤ 1h;
Residual monomer ≤ 0.1%;
Degree of hydrolysis of 15% to 30%.
In fact, in the laboratory with experience polyacrylamide manufacturers agent will know about the degree of hydrolysis, does not require testing. About the precise degree of hydrolysis of polyacrylamide formula, we think is a very professional person can be calculated, time-consuming, we only need to approximate general can be inferred.
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