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Weak demand for sulfuric acid prices soften

June, China's market demand weak sulfuric acid, oversupply, the market faces greater pressure to maintain a narrow range lower sulfuric acid production and business operation yet out of a difficult situation. Sulfuric acid market in July is expected to remain at a low state of consolidation, prices are likely to further slightly lower.
     June, along with fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural production and into sales season, sulfuric acid production growth rate fell slightly, sulfuric acid plant operating rate of about 65% on average, and some production equipment in the average operating rate of 50% of the lower level, a number of enterprise extended parking equipment downtime.
      Due to lack of market demand, coupled with raw material prices down sulfur, sulfuric acid (98%) of mainstream ex-factory price around 300 yuan / ton to run, compared with the previous month average, 3.1% lower than the ring, showing a slight decline in the market price.
     In July, China's agriculture will gradually enter the summer production, fertilizers, pesticides entering the market demand and rapid growth, sulfuric acid market will play a better role in the balance. Meanwhile, sulfates, chemical, textile and garment industry export volume and export orders remain relatively steady growth, will also ease the sulfuric acid market pressures. However, due to the poor macroeconomic environment, China's sulfuric acid industry will continue to face a more difficult situation. The industry is expected in the second half, the market demand is low, price weakness down in the international market trading environment continues to deteriorate, our country will continue to be the biggest problem facing the sulfuric acid industry, the production and operation.
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