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Acrylamide new green technology leap forward in technology

Recently, a microbiological method of acrylamide production of new technology by the experts of Jiangxi Science and Technology Department. Experts believe that nine Jiangxi Chang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Agricultural College of Life Science jointly developed this technology, made a breakthrough in terms of the catalytic reaction process and hydration, etc., marking our original acrylamide new green technology to achieve a technical leap.
The company's chief engineer Li Changhong introduced innovations that technology is the immobilized cell catalysis to catalyze non-immobilized cells from the fermentation broth directly through the hollow fiber microfiltration membrane extracts catalyzed reaction of acrylonitrile with water mycelium. Direct catalytic hydration of acrylonitrile and water mycelium, the reaction time is reduced by nearly half, doubling the number of hydration reaction, the conversion rate of 98% acrylonitrile increased to 99.5% acrylamide agent concentration increased from 25% to 35%. This method greatly reduces pollutant emissions, while reducing energy consumption.
Chang nine currently has an annual agricultural production capacity of 65,000 tons, and plans additional investment in 2012 reached 100,000 tons of production capacity, as Asia and the world's major producers of acrylamide.
Currently, the microbiological method acrylamide only China and Japan to master technology, and built industrial production equipment, and the biological method acrylamide crystal production scale of the fastest growing in China.
Microbial production of acrylamide as a third-generation technology, with high selectivity and high activity and high efficiency. The reaction of acrylonitrile and water completely, no byproducts, inorganic salts and residual copper ions and other impurities. Products more suitable for the production of high molecular weight, low residual polyacrylamide. Microbial processes can be carried out at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, has the advantage of less "waste", while investing less than half the chemical method, consume less energy, low production costs.
Acrylamide is an important fine organic chemicals, using it as a monomer synthesis polyacrylamide drive oil, filter aids, thickeners, flocculants, etc., are widely used in petroleum, paper, mining, water treatment other areas, known as "A Better Business aids." Microbiological method of acrylamide production technology research began in the 1990s, has been included in the "Nine Five" major national research programs, a breakthrough in the late 20th century by the Shanghai Research Center of Biotechnology. In 2000, Chang nine agricultural company built the first set of microbiological method acrylamide-ton industrial unit, and subsequently developed the manufacturing technology of acrylamide crystals, forming a core technology system, won three national patents. 
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