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   Jiaozuo City Hongdali Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. uphold an open, cooperative, win-win, committed the country to establish a sound distribution channels, excellent agents and dealers to join a solid foundation for our rapid development.
      We believe that no matter what your expertise, size, we have the opportunity to cooperate, you have our support and trust are very important. Through our cooperation, not only to expand your market share, huge profits, but also increase your good business reputation, establish broad space for development, and healthy development with us.
     The company will set aside huge profit margins to give agents and distributors shipped to the local market, for which we will from a broad product line, excellent performance, and improve the channels of communication, many aspects of strong market strong support to you strong support.
     We will pay more attention to the concept of customer spending guidance, as well as pre-sale, sale, sale and technical services, will focus on agents and distributors of technical training, counseling, training and other support and market direction.

     For more details, agent, please contact +86-391 -3126919