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President Message

Welcome to Hongdali!

    Thank you for your understanding that we in any way - be faithful to the quality and integrity of the community, dedicated to the cause of the team. Your attention and support is our motivation and development!
    Full development of our company in the production of emulsion polyacrylamide Zhu surgery reached international advanced level, alumina species in the decomposition of additive production technology has reached domestic leading level, to fill the gap.
    In addition, the company also refined oil additives, such as cooperation with the RIPP has developed a highly efficient fuel combustion catalyst technology and other products can be widely applied dry diesel, fuel oil, residual fuel oil as a fuel, such as a variety of industrial furnaces and engine blocks , but also to achieve energy saving purposes.
    HTC force since its inception has been committed to making our products to create a better life for our customers, to achieve harmony between man and society at a higher level; people-oriented, innovative, build a better home life is our aspiration; become a sustainable business, with high quality services to operate high-quality standards and achieve win-win situation is our direction; create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the community is our goal.
    HTC force in the vast arena, each of honesty, integrity, a sense of responsibility and mission, innovative spirit and the pursuit of a better tomorrow, people can do our best to show themselves here, enhance self. We are at the stage of rapid growth, the company based on "equality and respect", "development and win-win" concept, advocating a culture of cooperation, the company is willing to grow with the talents together depict beautiful blueprint, share career development and personal achievement.
    Here, I would like to have support from our customers, partners, suppliers, and all aspects of my friends to express my most heartfelt thanks! HTC force while trust all employees, responsibility and contribution to extend my most heartfelt thanks!

                                                                                                                        General Manager