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Corporate Culture
 Corporate culture together with the people, and promoting development, enterprise culture shaping "integrity, professionalism, pragmatism and efficiency" core values.
  1, business purpose: HTC stand for centuries for the benefit of mankind
    Only through a clear business purposes will accelerate the pace of progress. For HTC speaking, the pursuit of short-term profit maximization just need their own development, we should have more ambitious goals ...... HTC stand for centuries, and this is our outlook for the industry itself correct and scientific judgments engaged. Li is not just a century heyday, business development and continuation, we want the benefit of mankind.
  2, Business philosophy: everything for your needs
    The basic philosophy is the philosophy and concept of enterprise in the production process of the formation. "Everything for your needs" has been agreed with the staff of HTC. That is: everything for the customer's needs, all for the needs of employees, all for the needs of shareholders, all for the needs of the community.
  3 core values: innovation without limits, integrity forever
    Core values ​​are the core of corporate culture, which permeates all activities of the enterprise, and also determines the attitude of the staff people skills and methods. Based on the company's present and future development, we will be honest and innovative as Honda's core values. "Honesty" is the first meaning of man, "the letter" is the basic principle of doing things, "innovation" is the source for the company.
  4, Enterprise style: word, resolutely
    Corporate style corporate members in their work and organizational behavior manifested in the consistent attitude and character style. "Walk the talk" is the attitude of our work demands, say and do to be consistent, we must first be honest man, HTC want is the spirit of seeking truth from facts, not to fabricate results. "Resolutely" is the efficiency requirements of our work requires us to work to full speed, in order to better meet the challenges of the times.
    The spirit of enterprise =====
Unity and hard weight forward dedicated innovation integrity of the world
    Quality ====
HTC class quality service excellence is the force's responsibility
    Quality objectives ====
A boutique brand, casting a century heyday enterprises.