Address:Henan Jiaozuo City, the western industrial agglomeration area
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Company profile
   Jiaozuo City Hongdali Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. is a biological force tech private joint-stock company in 2010 to create a modern enterprise system. In Panjin Dandi Technology Development Co. for many years on the flocculant, alumina seed variety of functional decomposition foundation to promote the development of chemical products, additives, defoamers, fuel additives, the gathering area in western Henan Jiaozuo put into operation an annual output of 10,000 tons of polyacrylamide powder production line, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of liquid flocculant production lines, annual output of 2,000 gizzard defoamers and 2000 tons of seed decomposition additives production line.
  The company's production of emulsion polyacrylamide Zhu surgery reached international advanced level: the decomposition of additives in the production of alumina seed technology has reached domestic leading level. To fill the gap Additionally, the company also refined oil additives, such as cooperation with the RIPP has developed a highly efficient fuel combustion catalyst technology and other products can be widely applied dry diesel, fuel oil, residual fuel oil and other fuels as a variety of industrial kilns furnaces and engine blocks, to achieve energy saving purposes.
  We would like to excellent management and excellent sales team dedicated to provide our customers with quality products and technical services.